I am in Heaven with a camera in my hand, and I’d go to Hell and back with it if you needed a close-up of “you know who”! That’s how I look at my job- just give me a camera and a mission.

Cameras have taken me places I never imagined I’d go and introduced me to a rainbow of people. From over a mile underground in a coal mine to the White House with former and current Presidents, I have stories to tell. But my drive comes from helping others tell their story- with pictures.

Soon after learning the creative process at The Savannah College of Art and Design, I began building my career the old fashioned way, with a goal in mind. I’ve climbed the ranks of the Camera Department, from years in the dark loading film (yes, film) on TV shows (like The Wire & West Wing), documentaries (National Gallery of Art), commercials (Nike & NASCAR), and features (Ladder 49 & Rocket Science), to clapping slates and pulling focus. Now I make the pictures . Whether Camera Technician or Director of Photography, I am privileged to collaborate with some of the most creative minds in the visual storytelling craft. I’m not done climbing or learning. Just give me a camera.

I’ve yet to work a day in my life.